Featured Achievers

Tom and Yukari

Go4Goals.com honors Power Couple Tom and Yukari Hyde as the website’s first “Featured Achievers.” They proved over the years that with a can-do attitude and a great work ethic, you can “Get The Job Done and Have Some Fun.”

As a true Tennessee Tag Team, they successfully raised and educated three children, built, operated and oversaw 10 businesses that benefited their employees, customers and family from the company headquarters in Murfreesboro Tennessee. Throughout their lives together, they travelled to almost 100 countries for business and pleasure. Then suddenly, they were faced with one of the toughest challenges imaginable.

In the summer of 2017, doctors found a large tumor in Tom’s brain. He stepped up, had much of the tumor removed during a surgery and proceeded to further rid himself of the remaining cancer with stays in various facilities. After maxing out federally allowed treatment in the U.S., Tom and Yukari traveled to Mexico for alternative forms of medical care. Through a rigorous program of injections and diet, Tom and Yukari worked with specialists to bring down the cancer count from a beginning of 80 to a remission level of 18 by May 2018.

With Yukari’s support, Tom’s determination seemed to be paying off until later in May, he unexpectedly began having trouble. On May 17, 2018, he succumbed to the complications and passed away with his family by his side. Tom lived his life to the fullest and he did so with gusto.

Go4Goals Enterprises salutes Tom and Yukari for a life full of achievements both personal and professional. Despite Tom’s misfortunes, he maintained an upbeat attitude throughout and left the world a better place. We remember.

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